BTS Shock: ARMYs Slam Korea Singers Association President For Treating Boy Group as Products

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS fans are not letting anyone affect the members’ much-needed break.

BTS’ hiatus took over the internet for days as the members reportedly wanted to focus on their solo endeavors for now. HYBE Labels has clarified that the boy group is not taking a break and that the interview was mistranslated.

Instead, they would pursue solo projects for now before performing as a group again.

But the news made the president of the Korea Singers Association beg them not to take a break from the group — something that got into ARMYs’ nerves.

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Korean ARMYs Slam President of the Korea Singers Association

On June 22, Korea Singers Association president Lee Ja Yeon sent a message to BTS and HYBE Labels, begging them not to take a break due to concerns that the Hallyu Wave might cease.

As quoted by The Korea Times, the president said that the boy group should continue performing to avoid the negative impact on the global fever for K-pop.

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"I'm concerned that the Korean wave centering around BTS, which has the strongest cultural soft power in Korea and the world, may fade away … Like a 'second Beatles' won't arrive easily, it is unlikely for there to be a 'second BTS,' so I'm worried that hallyu may be cut,” she said.

However, ARMYs — especially those who are based in South Korea — criticized Lee Ja Yeon and asked her to stop treating BTS like they are not humans.

They called her out even more as she previously said that BTS should have military exemption despite the members’ desire to serve the country.

#BTSItsOkayToRest Trends Worldwide

Following the faceoff between Lee Ja Yeon and ARMYs, BTS fans also trended #BTSItsOkayToRest worldwide.

Concerned fans said it is okay to give the members their space as they have been promoting non-stop as a group for the past nine years.

They also asked them to leave BTS alone since begging them — or other artists — not to take a break should never be part of the Korea Singers Association’s vision.


HYBE Labels and BTS are yet to comment on the recent issue.

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