Brian Michael Bendis Teases Young Justice/Kingdom Come Crossover

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Brian Michael Bendis has been on a roll ever since he joined DC Comics, not only writing the Superman titles but also bringing back Young Justice, which a lot of people say is his best work for the company. Bendis has always specialized in writing young characters so this isn't much of an exception, though it's good to know that he is still a quality creator, despite what a number of his detractors might say.

Speaking of Young Justice, Bendis has decided to tease the upcoming arc of his comic and it's going to be a wild one. His group of super-powered youths is going to explore the multiverse and they somehow end up in the Kingdom Come universe. Bendis also showed some of the art for this arc, which will be illustrated by Harley Quinn artist John Timms, who seems to be a good pick for the title.

This isn't the first time Bendis has teased some of his big stories through social media. It wasn't that long ago when he hyped up fans with news regarding The Legion of Super-Heroes and OMAC via the upcoming DC Millenium event. He also did this during his Marvel days and it was a pleasant surprise back then too.

As of this writing, we aren't sure which issue will have Young Justice meet the Kingdom Come characters. Still, it'll be fun when we get there.

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