10 Jun 2019 4:50 PM +00:00 UTC

Brian Michael Bendis Teases New DC Millenium Event, Brings Back Jack Kirby's OMAC

Brian Michael Bendis has had a fairly eventful run in DC Comics thus far, taking over the Superman comics and doing well, whilst also preparing for Event Leviathan. That series hasn't even ended yet and the acclaimed writer is already teasing fans with something called DC Millenium. It's not yet clear what this will be about but Bendis recently shared a new image from Justice League and New Avengers artist Jim Cheung, teasing big things for fans.

OMAC, a Jack Kirby creation we haven't seen in a while, is the main focus of this teaser and it's the classic version of the character. We're so used to new interpretations of OMAC that seeing the original design of the hero drawn by the awesome Jim Cheung is a sight to see. It also looks like OMAC is fighting a ton of soldiers, reminiscent of the issue where the hero had to fight off a whole city filled with them.

Most of the stories Bendis has worked on have been built from his Superman run, even his Young Justice series. DC Millenium could be something new from the writer and he has also mentioned the Legion of Superheroes on his social media, which is really interesting. The Legion was teased for Doomsday Clock and they could play a huge part sometime after.

We'll have more news on DC Millenium when it comes.

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