Brendan Fraser Shocks with Latest DCU Remark After Batgirl and Doom Patrol Heartbreak

Credit: Protozoa

Credit: Protozoa

Most of you may not realize it but Brendan Fraser has always been Team DC but unfortunately, things haven't always been smooth sailing for the beloved actor. Once upon a time, Fraser was in the running to play Superman in a canned J.J. Abrams project. Nearly 20 years later, he'd finally get his shot to star in a comic book project, Doom Patrol which achieved quite the success until HBO Max announced last month that the series is getting canceled after Season 4.

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The biggest blow for Fraser's DC career is the shocking cancelation of Batgirl which would have seen him play the notorious Batman villain Firefly. According to DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran, the film was simply not releasable despite already being in its post-production stage.

Now, Brendan is addressing the possibility of him accepting another DC role. In an interview with Variety, the Academy Award nominee surprisingly revealed that he's still open to working with DC Studios despite two of his projects getting unceremoniously canned.

Fraser shared: "Maybe. Everything's contingent on what it's about. The job's not easy to do, no matter who's producing it. I just finished up with Doom Patrol, which is also a DC property, and that's a unique cast and I love Riley Shanahan, the actor who would wear all the gear so I could just do the voice and do my job in my long johns and nobody would know because I was in a recording studio and it was the best day job ever. Apart from that, I'm open to it."

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It's great that Fraser is still willing to work with DC Studios and it speaks volumes about his professionalism. Hopefully, Gunn and Safran will still consider getting him on board because frankly, the new DCU needs actors of his caliber.

Meanwhile, the DCU's first chapter begins with Superman: Legacy which is currently eyeing a July 11, 2025 release.

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