Brendan Fraser Admits Heartbreak After Losing Superman Role

Credit: Protozoa Pictures

Credit: Protozoa Pictures

When you think about Superman in live-action, several names instantly come to mind with the likes of Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling, and Henry Cavill all giving their definitive take to the beloved comic book hero. Most of you are also probably aware by now that Nicolas Cage nearly played Kal-El in the scrapped Superman Lives film from the '90s but did you know that another A-list star almost got cast as the mighty Kryptonian?

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This may come as a shock to many but it turns out that Brendan Fraser was once in the running to play Superman in a project supposedly helmed by J.J. Abrams. In case you weren't aware, the Star Trek and Star Wars filmmaker was working on a DC project titled Superman: Flyby. However, the project wouldn't reach its filming stage and was unceremoniously scrapped as it was being developed.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show, the Oscar-nominated actor opened up about his missed opportunity and how disappointed he was that it didn't materialize. Fraser shared: "Of course, it's a life-changing, amazing opportunity. I think inherently I didn't want to be known for only one thing because I prided myself on diversity my whole professional life … I'm not a one-trick pony."

The Doom Patrol star added: "I felt disappointed that there was an amazing opportunity, and it didn't come to fruition."

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Interestingly, Abrams is now back to developing his own Superman project which will exist outside of the main DC Universe continuity overseen by James Gunn and Peter Safran. As for Fraser, Superman: Flyby wouldn't be his only DC disappointment as his supposed Batgirl project was also canned.

Speaking of the Man of Steel, the DCU's first chapter begins with Superman: Legacy which is currently eyeing a July 11, 2025 release.

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