Brendan Fraser Net Worth: See the Successful Resurgence of The Whale Actor

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Brenda Fraser is experiencing a successful career resurgence with the success of his 2022 film The Whale. He won Best Male Actor in Motion Picture at the 2023 SAG Awards on Sunday, February 26.

As he again dominates the big screen, see Fraser's successful career and net worth.

Brendan Fraser Career

The 54-year-old's film debut was in the 1991 movie Dogfight, and after just a year, he received his breakthrough in the comedy Encino Man and the drama School Ties.

He gained further prominence when he did George of the Jungle and successfully established a name as a star in Hollywood in his role as Rick O'Connell in The Mummy trilogy.

From there, he played more dramatic roles in Gods and Monsters, The Quiet American, and Crash and continued doing fantasy characters in Bedazzled and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Come the late 2000s, his film work slowed down due to various issues, from health to personal to sexual assault.

He then tried to appear on the small screen with Texas Rising, The Affair, Trust, and Doom Patrol.

He then experienced a career resurgence when he did the auteur-directed movies Steven Soderbergh's No Sudden Move and Darren Aronofsky's The Whale. The latter film won him a Critics Choice Movie Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and an Academy Award for Best Actor nomination.

Brendan Fraser's Movie Salaries and Net Worth

Fraser used to be one of the highest-paid actors of the 1990s, earning $10-15 million per film.

He earned $1.5 million for The Scout and $4 million for The Mummy and Duddley Do-Right.

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He then got $10 million for Bedazzled, $12.5 million for The Mummy Returns, $14 million for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and $10 million for Furry Vengeance. However, he received a pay cut of $1 million in Extraordinary Measures, earning a whopping $57 million in movie earnings alone.

With these to his name, Fraser is now worth $20 million.

The Renaissance of Brendan Fraser

Frazer won big at the 2023 SAG Awards, taking home the Best Male Actor in a Motion Picture for his critically proclaimed portrayal of an obese man in The Whale.

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"This is good — a naked man making up his mind to smile or to frown, like an actor," he said, describing the figurine he had just won, per Entertainment Weekly. "I will treasure this, but never more than what I treasured, that I used to keep in my wallet, which was my SAG card that I earned in 1991. It made me feel like I belonged. We're actors; we all want to belong a tribe. If you told that guy back then I'd be standing here right now, I wouldn't have believed you."

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