Breaking News: Marvel Comic Book Legend Stan Lee Dies At 95

A lot of Marvel fans' hearts are going to break today. Marvel comic book legend and cameo king Stan Lee has just passed away today at the age of 95.

While some might desperately hope that this is another internet hoax, news of Lee's death has been breaking out online with credible news outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, Fox 4, and the Arizona Sun, mourning the passing of one of the greatest men in comic book history.

TMZ first broke out the news today, reporting that Lee's daughter JC announced the death of the comic book legend after being rushed by an ambulance from his Hollywood Hills home early this morning to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. While the news outlet still doesn't have any information on Lee's cause of death, TMZ reports that Marvel's cameo king passed away at the hospital where he was taken.

"My father loved all of his fans. He was the greatest, most decent man," J.C. told TMZ.

During the past few months, Lee has been suffering from various ailments. Not only did the comic book legend have major problems with his vision, he also had bouts of pneumonia and memory loss. Lee passed away a year after the death of his wife Joan.

Lee's death comes as a devastating hit to Marvel comic book fans everywhere.

The kind but ever witty writer, editor and publisher was the creator of many iconic comic book characters including Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and so many others at Marvel Comics. Stan Lee has also made cameo appearances in so many different Marvel movies, as well as a few DC entries including Teen Titans! Go To The Movies. He was a true comic book icon.

More updates to come.

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