12 Nov 2018 1:53 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Study Reveals That Agents Of SHIELD Is More Popular Than Marvel TV’s Shows On Netflix

There's been a whole lot of concern over Marvel's various TV shows after the sudden cancellation of Iron Fist and Luke Cage last month. While many believe that Netflix is trying to bring Marvel TV's Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and Power Man (Mike Colter) together in one series, others take the cancellation as assign of trouble for the rest of the studio's series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. However, it seems the fanbase doesn't have to worry for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD at all.

Screen Rant just ran a recent exclusive on the viewing numbers of Agents of Shield and according to the findings of a Parrot Analytics study, Marvel's very first show on ABC is still more popular than any of Marvel TV's shows on Netflix. While the streaming platform generally doesn't release the viewership numbers of its varios series, Parrot Analytics used all the shows different Nielson ratings as well as measured their statistics using "global file-sharing and peer-to-peer traffic and social media activity."

Parrot Analytics sound discovered that Agents of SHIELD was sitting in the "tope 0.3 percent of in-demand TV shows worldwide," pushing past Daredevil, Jessica Jones, as well as excessively popular DC series like the Arrow and Super Girl.


Hopefully, this means a longer run for Agents of SHIELD. Offering thrilling storylines and complex characters, Agents of SHIELD has been considered one of the best shows on ABC. Though the show has diverged from the events of the MCU over the year's it's been airing on the network, it still features the ripples from Marvel's many films.

Agents of SHIELD is expected to return with a new season on ABC next summer.

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