Breaking Down the Official Venom Trailer

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After a largely underwhelming teaser trailer in February, Sony Pictures has finally released the first full-length trailer for the studio’s upcoming Spider-Man-adjacent superhero film, Venom. Not only is this trailer jam-packed with new footage, but it also gives fans their first look at Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom in all his symbiotic glory.

Follow along with us as we break down all the biggest and best moments from the official Venom trailer:

  1. It Came From Outer Space

    Back in the teaser trailer, we saw a shot of a wrecked spacecraft, and it was assumed by most that this would be the source of the symbiote’s arrival on Earth. Here, that assumption is confirmed, as we see a canister housing the symbiote being extracted from the ship and placed in the protective custody of the Life Foundation.

  2. Multiple Symbiotes

    We witnessed part of this shot in the teaser trailer, but from the way it was cut, all we saw at the time was Riz Ahmed’s Dr. Carlton Drake opening up the back of a van and finding the Venom symbiote. However, here, we can clearly see that Venom isn’t alone, as it’s just one of multiple symbiotes the Life Foundation has in its possession. This, of course, lends credence to the possible inclusion of the five symbiotes from the popular Venom: Lethal Protector miniseries, or even the rumored appearance of Carnage.

  3. ‘I Told You, I’m Gonna Do My Job’

    In the much-detested Spider-Man 3, Topher Grace’s Eddie Brock was depicted as a photographer, much like Peter Parker. In Venom, though, Sony is taking the character back to his comic book roots by portraying him as a reporter. Naturally, it sounds like he’ll end up sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and rubbing some very dangerous people (i.e. the Life Foundation) the wrong way while doing his job. After all, “[following] people who do not want to be followed” tends to have that effect. 

  4. ‘You’re Finished, Brock’

    Lo and behold, it takes no more than a few seconds for Eddie to do exactly what the previous entry alludes to. “What about the allegations that you recruit the most vulnerable for tests that end up killing people?” Eddie asks Drake during an interview. “You’re finished, Brock,” he shouts at him as Eddie is dragged off by security. This seems to indicate that, despite the lack of Peter Parker in the film, Sony still plans to go with Eddie Brock’s classic “disgraced reporter” backstory. 

  5. Another Failed Experiment?

    Eddie’s interview with Drake makes it clear that the Life Foundation has already begun experimenting on humans with the symbiotes, and here, we see what appears to be one of those gruesome experiments firsthand. Whether or not this is another failed attempt at bonding a symbiote to a human or if it ends up a success remains to be seen.

  6. ‘I’m Hearing a Voice’

    After fleeing from the Life Foundation, Eddie returns to his apartment and tells someone over the phone that he’s feeling under the weather and that he’s “hearing a voice.” Then, while staring into the mirror, we hear a deep, bone-chilling voice say “Eddie,” which clearly comes as a shock to him, as he’s sent stumbling backward and straight into the bathtub. 

  7. Protecting Eddie

    When several men come to Eddie’s apartment to reclaim “Mr. Drake’s property,” we finally get our first look at the symbiote in action. Naturally, the Venom symbiote doesn’t want any harm to come to its newfound host, so it makes quick work of the men, much to Eddie’s surprise. We don’t get to see a full transformation, though… that comes later.

  8. ‘You Will Only Hurt Bad People’

    Further evidence of Venom taking cues from the Lethal Protector miniseries comes when we see Eddie walking down the streets of San Francisco, attempting to reason with the symbiote. “If you’re gonna stay, you will only hurt bad people,” Eddie explains to Venom. Clearly, he has no intentions of being the murderous monster the symbiote is capable of being, but Venom, on the other hand, has plans of its own. 

  9. Catching a Ride

    In one of the more interesting shots of the trailer, we see Eddie fleeing from the Life Foundation by motorcycle. Then, after catching some massive air, the symbiote extends its tendrils and gently pulls him back to the seat of his bike, just in time for Eddie to make a safe landing. s

  10. We… Are Venom

    A Venom movie just wouldn’t be complete without this line, would it? When a thug asks, “What the hell are you?” we finally see the full transformation we’ve all been waiting for, as the symbiote simply replies, “We… are Venom!”

    Venom hits theaters October 5.