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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74 Spoilers Leaked Ahead of Release

Boruto: Naruto: Next Generations Chapter 74 is coming in a few days, and fans are looking forward to see how the ninjas of Konoha will interact with Eida, Daemon, and Amado when they arrive in the Hidden Leaf Village. As Chapter 73 revealed, Boruto, Kawaki and other members of Team 7 have a special mission to cohabitate with Eida, and now, it looks like that plan is about to start. Now, spoilers for the upcoming chapter have leaked ahead of its release.

Over on Twitter, leaker OrganicDinosaur shared major spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74, revealing that the title of the chapter is Baptism, and that it begins with Eida, Daemon, and Amado departing the train station. It also features a scene with Boruto, Kawaki, and Konohamaru chatting as well as a small Momoshiki flashback.

Later on in this chapter, there's a meet/greet scene with Eida and Daemon at the house where Boruto and Kawaki plan to cohabitate with Eida. Daemon also becomes a problematic menace, and the chapter concludes with Naruto, Shikimaru, and Amado calling into the living room intercom to address Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, and Daemon.

According to OrganicDinosaur, here's the chronological content composition of Boruto Chapter 74:

17% Ada & Daemon depart the train station
10% Kawaki, Boruto, Konohamaru chat + tiny Momoshiki flashback
34% Team 10 + Team 7 meet/greet with Ada & Daemon at the house
27% Daemon being a problematic menace 12% Post-battle recovery/chat

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74 is set to release on Thursday, Oct. 20. You can read more details about the upcoming chapter in everything we know about Boruto Chapter 74.

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