Boruto Chapter 60 Teases The Secrets Behind Ada and Daemon's Abilities

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VizMedia has released the English version of the new Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter today, giving us a look at Kawaki's time in Konoha, and what the villains Code, Ada, and Daemon are up to.

Boruto Ada Chapter 60
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Credit: Shueisha

Warning: Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 60 ahead.


Written by series creator Masashi Kishimoto with art by Mikio Ikemoto, Boruto Chapter 60 opens up with a scene with Shikimaru and Sai discussing Code's unique ability: He can intantaneously travel from mark to mark with his Claw Marks.

The next scene shows Amado telling Sumere that he has no intentions on turning against Konoha, and that he working on a strong ally for Konoha. There appears to be a mysterious silhouette inside the body pod inside Amado's lab, and Sumere still looks worried.

Meanwhile, Code tests Daemon's ability with his Claw Marks, then explains how his ability works. Code can move freely across Claw Marks, and he can bring a person with him, but only one person at a time. However, when Code Asks Daemon to explain his attack-reflecting ability further, Ada tells Daemon, "You shouldn't reveal your cards so readily."

In the previous chapter, we learned that Daemon has the ability to reflect attacks, but it looks like he and Ada are hiding something from Code, and when Ada tells Daemon not to reveal eveything about their abilities, the villain comments, "Oh? You don't trust me?".

While the chapter doesn't reveal Ada and Daemon's secrets, it's interesting to see the dynamic among the villains, and it shows that Code's new cyborg allies are not just blindly following his orders. It's likely that we'll find out more about their abilities in the upcoming Boruto chapters, so stay tuned.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61 is scheduled to release on August 20, 2021. Follow our Anime Facebook page for the latest anime updates, spoilers, and memes.