Bond 25: Billie Eilish to Provide the Title Song for No Time to Die

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[UPDATE: Billie Eilish is indeed singing the title song for No Time to Die. The official 007 page has announced it.]

The original article is as follows:

With every new James Bond movie, you can always expect certain things; an enigmatic villain, new tech, and a new "Bond girl." One other thing that every Bond film also has is a theme song, and after Sam Smith's Writing's on the Wall for Spectre, rumor has it that No Time to Die has found their hit artist for their opening song.


As per Variety, a rumor has come out that American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has been hired to make the title song for No Time to Die. What's more, Eilish had posted on her Instagram stories a series of photos featuring the likes of Halle Berry, Lea Seydoux, and Eva Green—all of whom have been Bond girls.

Representatives for MGM and Eilish herself have not made comment on this news, but if Eilish did land the gig, then she would be the youngest singer ever to sing a theme for the Bond franchise.


When it comes to Bond title songs, the music can end up as big as the film itself. Adele's Skyfall was a smash hit when it came out; and with Eilish's fame and the prestige of the Bond films, Eilish could very much have another mega-hit in her hands.

That is if she actually landed the role. Until we get an official announcement, all we can really do is take the news with a grain of salt.

For now, No Time to Die is set for a release on April 10.

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