27 Dec 2019 2:00 PM +00:00 UTC

BoJack Horseman Creator Slams Netflix for Speeding Up Credits Roll

There is little doubt that people are disappointed about BoJack Horseman being cancelled. Interestingly, the show's creator believes that the series shouldn't end without giving the right people the credit they deserve. Raphael Bob-Waksberg has just spoken up against Netflix for allegedly speeding up the credits roll on the show.

Bob-Waksberg took to Twitter to address networks and studios that speed up the credits roll or use this particular time to put up an ad. The BoJack Horseman creator responded to a post pointing out that the credits roll is usually sped up or minimized. Take a look at his tweets below.

"Would love to make a show for a network that doesn't do this. If you work at one, let's talk," Bob-Waksberg wrote. He then posted another tweet that threw shade at Netflix.


"A show represents the cumulative tireless work of hundreds of creative artists who dream of one day having their names shrunk into a tiny box and then cut off abruptly by a trailer for The Witcher," Bob-Waksberg wrote.

The credits aren't exactly the most popular part of a show or a film. Nevertheless, Bob-Waksberg does have a point considering that the names listed in the credits belong to the people who made the project possible. With that in mind, they deserve all the respect.

The first eight episodes of BoJack Jackson Season 6 aired on Netflix back in October. The second half of the final season will premiere on the streaming service on January 31, 2020.

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