Bofuri: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday

Bofuri: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday Maple

Bofuri: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday Maple

BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense follows Kaede Honjou who starts playing a game called NewWorld Online as Maple. As the game progresses, she meets several players and forges new connections. So, here's every main character’s age, birthday, and height in Bofuri for your information!

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How Old Is Kaede Honjou aka Maple?

Kaede is the main protagonist of Bofuri. She was invited by her best friend Risa Shiramine to play the video game NewWorld Online.

Unfortunately, Kaede’s birthday remains unknown. However, her age bracket is 15-18 years old.

She stands at 145 cm (4’9”) and is curious by nature. Kaede in the real world wears a white clip, which is then later showcased in the game.

Talking about her in-game character, Maple is identical to her real-world avatar. Like Kaede, she too is 145 cm tall.

Maple’s active skills include Pandemonium I, Machine God, Loving Sacrifice, Meditation, Sheep Eater, Shield Attack, Pierce Guard, and many more.

She wears a Black Rose Armor on her body, a Crescent Moon guards her right hand while Mirror of the Dark Night shields her left hand.

Her legs and shoes are covered by the Armor of the Black Rose. She also possesses several accessories like Bridge of Bond, Toughness Ring, and more.

How Old Is Risa Shiramine aka Sally?

Sally from Bofuri
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Risa Shiramine is Kaede’s extroverted best friend and is addicted to video games.

Risa is a calm and friendly person in real life, but like Kaede, her birthday remains unknown. In fact, her age has not been disclosed.

However, we do know that she stands at 155 cm (5’1”). Talking about her in-game character, Sally is exactly like Risa in terms of physical appearance.

Since she is a character in the game, there is no information regarding her birthday and age. Similar to Risa, Sally is an extrovert but she is practical and cautious by nature.

Sally is armed with daggers and is known for her high agility with sufficient power. She is known to use sword-fencing attacks.

Sally, who is the co-founder of the Maple Tree guild, can cut her enemies with a wide variety of slash attacks.

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How Old Is Kasumi?

Kasumi from Bofuri
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Kasumi is a katana-wielding player in NewWorld Online. Her birthday and age are not disclosed in the anime, but she is 165 cm (5’5”) tall.

Initially, she got off on the wrong foot with Maple and Sally in the second event. But they later become good friends when they were chained to each other in the dungeon.

After Maple’s earnest request, Kasumi decided to join her guild. Kasumi is a reserved player and appears calm.

However, Kasumi can be cautious if she is in an unfamiliar situation. Looking at her costume, she appears to be heavily influenced by traditional Japanese artform and motifs.

Kasumi has the ability to self-heal, but she can also heal others. She has confessed that she is comparatively less agile than Sally.

She can teleport using the Flash technique and also has Super Acceleration powers. Kasumi’s katana is called the Self-Devouring Bewitched Sword Yukari.

How Old Is Kanade?

Kanade in Bofuri
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Another major character and a prominent member of the Maple Tree guild, Kanade is first seen during the second event with his new weapon called The Akashic Records.

Kanade, who is part of the Maple Tree guild, stands at 151 cm (4’11”). Unfortunately, his age and birthday are not revealed.

Kanade is often mistaken for a girl due to his appearance. He has red eyes and sports curly red hair.

This player is known to be sensitive and remains quiet on most occasions. He loves solving mysteries and puzzles.

Kanade’s skills in the game include Light Magic II, Refresh, Heal, and Swimming I. He also uses Akashic Records and Magic Record in the game.

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How Old Is Chrome?

Chrome in Bofuri
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Chrome is an open-minded and honest player who fights alongside Maple, Sally, and the rest of the Maple Tree guild.

While his birthday and age remain a mystery, he is 180 cm (5’11”) tall. Chrome is a funny man and is always eager to help new folks joining the guild.

He is equipped with some of the finest abilities in the game like Shield Attack, Battle Healing, Stout Guardian, Blazing Slash, Revitalize, Crystallize, Guard Aura, Ghost Mud, and Light of the Spirits.

How Old Is Payne?

Payne for Bofuri
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The guild master of the Congregation of the Holy Swords guild, Payne is one of the strongest characters in Bofuri.

In the anime, Payne is between 18-22 years old, but his birthday remains unknown. He stands 177 cm (5’9”) tall and was the top-ranked player in the first event of the game.

He is often seen teaming up with Maple and the rest of her allies in the sixth event. Payne wishes to be the best and is quite competitive by nature.

He even challenged Maple Tree in the fourth event. His skills include the Holy Blade of Fragmentation, Holy Rain, Defense Break, Holy Blade of Conviction, and Holy Blade of Exterminating Evil.

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How Old Is Mii?

Mii from Bofuri
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Mii is the guild master of the Kingdom of the Flame Emperor guild. Her birthday and age are not disclosed in the series but she is 154 cm (5’) tall.

She always tries to appear confident but deep down she is highly self-critical and timid.

Her skills are extremely flashy and intense. However, they end up consuming a lot of mana.

In a battle, Mii can use Flame Empress, which allows her to create many fireballs and they even sync with her arms. She can also launch a spear of fire at the opponent.

Most of her classic abilities revolve around fire. From Chain Fire to Blue Fire, she has incredible control over flames that she uses against her enemy.

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