Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

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Bocchi the Rock Episode 9 Release Date and Time COUNTDOWN Hitori

Bocchi is bonding with her bandmates and is slowly embracing her rock persona. What is next for her and the Kessoku Band? Find out in Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9, with all the details you need right here!

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Here’s What Happened Before Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Hitori

On the day of the concert, a typhoon hit the area. Bocchi arrived at the live house and dried her hair using a towel.

Nijika, her friends, and the rest were worried that that typhoon would result in people canceling their planned visit to attend the show.

Even Kita noted that her friends won’t be able to make it, and Bocchi remarked that her parents couldn't come.

Kita wondered if the number of audiences would be less than they expected.

Later, two Bocchi fans from the street arrived to check out the show. Kita checked her phone and stated that the forecast said that the rain was going to get worse.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Bocchi fans

She suggested that Ryo should stream the show online with no live audience.

But Bocchi was ready to rock the audience and attempted to pump up her bandmates.

It was time for them to hit the stage but there weren’t many people. Nijika looked nervous because the Kessoku Band was fairly new.

However, there were fans of other bands in the audience and it was a good chance for the Kessoku Band to get some new fans.

The band went on stage and Kita introduced their outfit and thanked the audience for making it despite the poor weather.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Kessoku Band

Nijika commented that she was too polite for a rock band.


Kita kicked things off with the first original song entitled Guitar, Solitude, and the Blue Planet.

Two Bocchi fans were spotted grooving to the song but the rest of the audience members looked unimpressed.

Bocchi internally noted that Nijika’s drumming was a tad bit slower while Kita was making mistakes she was not making in the rehearsal room.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Kita and Ryo

The band managed to finish their first song and Kita announced their next and last song for the evening.

Meanwhile, Bocchi reflected on the last song and was not happy.

For the second song, she started aggressively strumming her guitar. The sound engineer set the sound and the Kessoku Band went straight into the song.

Bocchi gave the playing her all and the band could feel her energy.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Bocchi

Kita belted out the lyrics along with solid rhythm guitars while Nijika came with a grounded groove and was beautifully supported by Ryo with her tasty bassline.

After the song ended, Kita revealed the title of the second track – That Band.

A while later, the Kessoku Band and the staff of STARRY went to an izakaya bar to celebrate after the concert.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Kessoku Band and STARRY

At the bar, Bocchi and the rest met with Hiroi who was a crazy bass player known to blow alcohol on the audience.

The episode then showcased Bocchi and the rest of the girls bonding over food and alcohol.

At one point, Bocchi imagined what it would be like when she too starts drinking after hitting the eligible age.

But she vicariously experienced a midlife crisis when she overheard two salarymen talking about their sad life.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Bocchi

She feared she would end up joining a company and lose everything, including the joy of playing the guitar.

The last segment of the episode showed Nijika and Bocchi getting along with each other.

Nijika noted that the summer break was almost over and Bocchi got sad as she wanted an endless summer break.

Nijika told her that during their performance, she realized that Bocchi was Guitarhero.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Bocchi and Nijika

Bocchi said she was not but Nijika stated that she could make it out with her smooth strokes.

Bocchi knew she could not lie her way out of it and confessed that she was Guitarhero. But she added that she wasn’t hiding it on purpose.

She confessed that she was nothing like a hero the way she was now and that she wanted to tell the band about her real identity after she improved.

Bocchi the Rock Episode 8 Recap Nijika and Bocchi

Nijika revealed that her dream was to build a band and have her own live house.

Nijika added that after seeing Bocchi rocking it out, she was confident that her dreams will come true.

Bocchi revealed that as the guitarist of the band, she wants to make Kessoku Band the greatest band ever.

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Here’s a Look at What Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9 Is All About

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9 Spoilers and Synopsis Nijika Ryo and Kita

Bocchi imagined that after the success of the concert, she would be able to enjoy the summer break.

She plans to hang out with the other members of the Kessoku Band, but she wouldn't want to join them.

To her surprise, she is not invited. When the others see Bocchi’s odd behavior, they realize that she doesn't want to play, so the rest head to Enoshima to play.

Here’s the Release Date of Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9

Bocchi the Rock Episode 9 Release Date Nijika

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9, entitled Enoshima Escar, is slated to release on December 3, 2022, in the US, the UK, and Europe.

In Japan, the next episode will be broadcast on December 4, 2022.


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Here’s the Release Time of Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9

Bocchi the Rock Episode 9 Release Date Ryo

In Japan, Episode 9 of Bocchi the Rock! is scheduled to release on December 4, at 12:00 AM JST.

Based on this information, the following release times will apply to other international regions:

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 AM (December 3, 2022)
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM (December 3, 2022)
  • Eastern Time: 10:00 AM (December 3, 2022)
  • British Time: 3:00 PM (December 3, 2022)

Please note that Crunchyroll’s streaming time may vary from the broadcast time in Japan.


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Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9 COUNTDOWN

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9 COUNTDOWN


Here’s Where You Can Watch Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9

Where to Watch Bocchi the Rock Episode 9 Kita

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 9 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll in original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Discover more anime news and info by following us on Twitter @epicstreamanime.


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