Bocchi Joins Oshi no Ko's B-Komachi in Hilarious Fanmade Video

Bocchi Oshi no Ko Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi Oshi no Ko Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! has inspired lots of memes when it aired back in Fall 2022. But this latest fanmade video might just be the best as it shows Bocchi joining B-Komachi from Oshi no Ko.

Earlier this week, a video was uploaded on YouTube that showed an incredibly well-made and creative edit of Bocchi becoming the next B-Komachi member instead of Mem-cho.

It’s an incredibly funny video, but it’s not the only Bocchi crossover that drew a lot of attention.

Bocchi the Rock! Crossover Memes Go Viral on YouTube

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When the show premiered back in Fall 2022, Bocchi the Rock! didn’t immediately get a lot of attention. But as the show continued, viewers started sharing memes taken from the anime such as the memorable glitching Bocchi.

Thanks to this, the anime quickly gained popularity, enough that it became one of the biggest shows of the season and the year.

Though it’s been over half a year since Season 1 ended, fans are still sharing lots of Bocchi memes. For starters, there are two amusing Demon Slayer crossovers.

These two videos were made by YouTuber Niwaka Samurai, and the first shows Bocchi attacking Muichiro and Tanjiro, taking the place of Hantengu.

Meanwhile, the second video sees the Kessoku Band members attend the Upper-Rank Demons’ meeting in the Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc's first episode.

Aside from how spot-on the videos are in terms of dialogue, the videos are also incredibly well-made in that they almost look like actual anime crossover episodes instead of fanmade edits.

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Hilarious Oshi no Ko x Bocchi the Rock! Fan Edit Might Be the Best One Yet

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The same YouTuber uploaded another funny edit earlier this week, and this time, it sees Bocchi take the place of Mem-cho in an Oshi no Ko crossover.

While the Demon Slayer crossovers were funny, this one might be even more comical as Bocchi having a YouTube channel and being a musician makes the editing work even better story-wise.

As a bonus, the video ends with an impeccably made Bocchi version of the Oshi no Ko ED which has become a meme in its own right.

It has been less than a week since the video was released, but it already has over a million views.

Given its success, it won’t be a surprise to see more crossover videos like this get made in the future.

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