Is the Blue Period Manga Finished or Ongoing? Current Status

Blue Period Manga Status
Credit: Seven Arcs

Blue Period Manga Status
Credit: Seven Arcs

"But until now, I never felt I was alive, until I painted this blue painting." Thus begins Yatora Yaguchi's journey in painting. Find out all the information about the Blue Period manga's status by following it in its entirety.

When a classmate's artwork inspires Yaguchi to paint something of his own, a new world unfolds before his eyes.

The Netflix anime gained momentum a couple of years ago, and the manga doesn't disappoint either.

What Is Blue Period About?

Blue Period is the story of Yatora Yaguchi, a fairly popular high-school student with good grades and a relatively easy if purposeless life.

When a painting by a classmate impresses him, Yaguchi draws inspiration to paint something of his own.

What starts off as an experiment, though, soon becomes much more; Yaguchi comes to view his blue painting as a form of communication with others, stronger than speaking.

He starts relishing in details and strives to pour his own vision into drawings of the ordinary.

Soon enough, Yaguchi is not pleased with only joining the school's art club. He realizes he wants more.

Blue Period Manga
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Credit: Seven Arcs

Unfortunately, there's only one art school in Japan that he can afford, and the exams are extremely competitive.

Nevertheless, the main character drops everything else to give art a chance.

In this exciting but scary journey, he experiences many obstacles.

Firstly, there's his parents' initial reluctance to support what they consider an unprofitable endeavor. There's also the competition between himself and more experienced artists.

As he joins prep school to get ready for the entrance exams, Yaguchi understands the world around him in ways he had never considered.

He realizes that an artist's worst enemy is not his most talented peers, but himself.

Is Blue Period Based on a Manga?

Blue Period Manga Info
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For those craving more of the Blue Period characters and their amazing artwork, we have good news: the anime show is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi.

The series has been serialized via Kodansha's seinen manga magazine known as Monthly Afternoon.

The manga series first came out in 2017. To this day, there have been 13 volumes, all of which are available in English.

Is the Blue Period Manga Complete or Ongoing?

Is the Blue Period Manga Complete or Ongoing
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Credit: Seven Arcs

The Blue Period manga has been serialized since 2017, and it is currently ongoing.

In a sense, it always feels good to know that you will return to your favorite characters sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, anime-only viewers would want to be told that all the characters we've come to care about will be okay and become great artists.

But art is a journey, and it's rarely straightforward. In that sense, looking forward to more artistic adventures, rather than closure as such, seems just about right.

Is the Blue Period Manga Ending Soon?

Is Blue Period Ending Soon
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Credit: Seven Arcs

Nearly two years after the Blue Period anime stole our hearts, the manga remains ongoing, with no indication as to when it might end.

Creator Tsubasa Yamaguchi hasn't commented on when she intends to finish Blue Period.

This is currently Yamaguchi's only manga project, but she has also undertaken light novel illustrations.

We will update this space should any change occur in the Blue Period manga's status.

Is Blue Period on Hiatus?

Blue Period Hiatus
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Credit: Seven Arcs

In late 2023, it was announced that Blue Period is going on hiatus until Spring 2024. The manga's exact return date has not been announced so far.

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