Blue Beetle First Reactions Are In: "Mostly a Blast," "Incredibly Good"

Blue Beetle
Credit: Warner Bros.

Blue Beetle
Credit: Warner Bros.

Blue Beetle is set to finally arrive in theaters worldwide next week and plenty of DC fans have been looking forward to seeing the titular hero finally get his due on the big screen.

There is a lot at stake surrounding the upcoming film not only because it is the first Latino-led superhero movie in the DC franchise, but the hero is also considered the first character in the new DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Just like any new film that gets released, fans are hoping that Blue Beetle will live up to the hype and it will deliver a satisfying and entertaining experience on the big screen that both DC fans and the general audience will like.

Recently, several critics and journalists were able to watch the film in advance. As we're now just a week away from its official release in North American theaters, we finally have our first batch of social media reactions which give us an early preview of its reception.

The First Reactions on Blue Beetle Have Arrived

Blue Beetle
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Credit: Warner Bros.

So far, based on the early reactions that have been posted so far around social media, Blue Beetle has received pretty solid positive responses from the critics, journalists, and influencers who have seen the full film.

Most of the praise went toward Xolo Maridueña’s performance as Jaime Reyes, the Latino representation, humor, entertainment value, and the dynamic of the main characters.

Some of them also shared their excitement about the film's tease about the new DCU and looking forward to seeing more of the character in the future.

You can check some of the tweets here:

All of these early reactions sound very promising as it looks like the film will deliver what fans have been anticipating and, most importantly, it will also be a great time in a movie theater.

Considering that the previous DC films have flopped at the box office, there is a lot of hope that Blue Beetle will reverse the course and it will end up becoming a modest success at the very least.

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With this early positive word-of-mouth, the film definitely has the potential to be the kind of hit that Warner Bros. is hoping to be as long as the audience has the same response and it will have good word-of-mouth amongst the general public.

Blue Beetle is set to release in theaters this August 18. You can check more details about it here.

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