Blue Archive Mobile RPG Reveals Anime Adaptation

blue archive anime Sunaookami Shiroko

blue archive anime Sunaookami Shiroko

Anime adaptations of popular video games aren’t new, so it’s no surprise that the hit mobile RPG Blue Archive is getting a TV anime adaptation.

This upcoming anime series was announced by publishers Yostar and Nexon Games during the game’s second-anniversary live stream special.

There, the anime was officially announced, and it was followed by the release of the first key visual.

Blue Archive Smartphone RPG Info

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Blue Archive is a mobile RPG that was initially released in February 2021 with huge success, so much so that it was also released worldwide in November of that same year.

The game is set in the academy city of Kivotos, a place that was established by thousands of academies. The city is led by the president of the General Student Council.

Players take on the role of Sensei, an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, which governs the city’s schools.

Soon, the president disappears, leading to a rise in criminal activity in the city.

Because of this, Sensei must lead the Federal Investigation Club to look for the missing president.

Its premise and art feature cute girls with guns, a popular genre among anime fans.

Though this isn’t the only reason for its popularity. Blue Archive’s turn-based tactical RPG gameplay is also part of the game’s appeal.

For most players though, the game’s biggest draw is the ability to recruit new students.

Yes, this is another gacha game similar to other big mobile titles like Genshin Impact, Arknights, and Fate/Grand Order.

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Blue Archive TV Anime Announcement

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Given that most of today’s popular gacha games have gotten or are getting anime adaptations, it makes sense that Blue Archive is also getting one.

This was announced during the game’s latest live stream, though it was just one of the many reveals in the hours-long event.

The announcement only revealed that the anime was in the works, but there wasn’t any other info revealed during the live stream. This means there’s no word yet on which studio will animate the series.

But we did get the anime’s first key visual featuring Arona, an NPC who serves as the player’s primary companion in the game.

For reference, Arona is the equivalent of characters like Paimon in Genshin Impact. Because of this, she also serves as Blue Archive’s mascot character.

Currently, there’s no word yet on when the upcoming TV anime adaptation will be released.

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Source: Blue Archive website

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