Blood Will Seek Blood' in New Castlevania Season Two Poster

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Castlevania season two is coming out this year and it looks like we're going to get even more blood than the previous season. Granted, the first season is only four episodes and the second one will be eight but if the second trailer is anything to go by, it looks like we'll be getting more of what we loved from.

We got a new poster for the show and it is teasing that "blood will seek blood." It seems like the poster is teasing an eventual showdown between Alucard and his father Dracula, which could be a really great encounter. Let's not forget Dracula's children that were teased in the second season's trailer, who will all likely be used as stepping stones for our protagonists.

How we don't have a tie-in game or even a new installment in the franchise to capitalize on the show's success is shocking. I'd even settle for a Symphony of the Night port for modern consoles but Konami won't do it.


Alucard taking on Dracula is a pretty classic Castlevania storyline from the video games and while we haven't seen any promotional images teasing a showdown between the two, the buildup should be great. The show hasn't disappointed anyone with its abrupt first season so here is hoping that the second continues its streak of excellence.

Castlevania season two will debut on Netflix on October 26.

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