First Castlevania Season Two Trailer Looks Like a Bloody Good Time

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Netflix has finally released the trailer for Castlevania season two and it looks bloodier than ever. Fans who saw the first series know that it didn't hold back when it came to violence so seeing all of that turned up to 11 should make them happy. Add the introduction of Dracula's other children and it seems like eight episodes won't be enough to please everyone.

Continuing where the last season left off, Alucard, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha continue their journey to stop Dracula before he kills all of humanity. Dracula is still angry about his wife's unjust death and he has now gathered his other children to kill what's left of the humans. We see various scenes of them killing people and drinking their blood so they aren't going to be easy to kill.

The animation continues to be a treat, looking like an anime with some stellar fight scenes here and there. Dracula having a bigger presence should also be a positive since he only appeared in a few episodes of season one. While he remains sympathetic, it's clear that he has gone too far and the eventual battle between him and Alucard should be one worth watching.

Based on the long-running series of Konami video games, Castlevania season two premieres in Netflix on October 26.

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