Blizzard Will NOT Repeal Blitzchung's Punishment Despite Apology During BlizzCon

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Ever since the whole Blitzchung debacle made its way to social media, fans and politicians have been outraged over Blizzard's actions and have been looking forward to BlizzCon to see how the company would address these controversies. Blizzard President J. Allen Brack did go on stage and "apologize" over the company's actions but he did not mention what he was saying sorry for, nor did he mention if Blitzchung and the two Taiwanese casters' punishments would be lifted.

During an interview with PC Gamer, the Blizzard President confirmed that they would not be lifting the suspensions of Blitzchung and the Taiwanese casters. When asked why they would not lift the punishments, Brack claimed that they were all free to express their political opinions in social media, just not on their game-focused broadcast. Apparently, they just want their forecasts to be about games and many are calling them hypocrites for it.

We want the official broadcasts, which are a small percentage of the overall content that gets created, to be about the games. And we want those to be focused on the games. Again, it's not about the content of Blitzchung's message. It's about the fact that it was not around the games. If we hadn't taken action, if we hadn't done something, you can imagine the trail that would be in our future around doing interviews.

This statement has been put under a lot of scrutinies since people who might want to speak up on other human or LGBT rights might also get suspended. It's really shameful how speaking up for human rights is now considered as "controversial" but that's what happens when you're making money from another country, even if Blizzard claims that China "has nothing to do" with their decisions.

Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV were announced during BlizzCon, so that's something for fans to look forward to, even if they're upset with the company.

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