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Bling Empire Season 2 Spoilers, News & Update: The Tea Behind Chèrie Chan's Exit

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Credit: Chèrie Bèlle/YouTube

Halfway through Bling Empire Season 2, Chèrie Chan and her husband Jessey Lee disappeared from the Netflix reality show. She revealed on Instagram a few weeks after the release that she plans to quit posting pictures of her children on social media as well.

So, why did the couple leave, and what prompted their departure from the popular reality show?

Chèrie Chan suddenly vanishes in Bling Empire Season 2

During Bling Empire Season 2, newcomer Leah Qin dropped a bomb on Jamie Xie when she revealed that she knew Jessey before he married another woman.

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She also disclosed that the previous couple had two children together. Jamie relayed the information to the rest of the group, which led to Kane Lim meeting with Leah for more information. The newcomer suggested that Chèrie was aware of Jessey's ex-wife because she allegedly met him through her then-boyfriend when they were married.

Kane was furious that his friend hadn't informed him about it earlier, and he planned to confront her at an Anna Shay-hosted dinner. However, Paula Abdul, who was accompanying the reality star, appears to have thwarted his intentions.

Anna requested that he and the others approach her about the problem at a later time. Kane claimed he had a brief talk with Chèrie about what he had heard but that she swiftly shut it down. Chèrie, Jessey, and their children didn't appear in the rest of the season, presumably because they didn't want to be associated with the rumors.

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Chèrie, the homewrecker?

In an Instagram post following the premiere of Bling Empire Season 2, Chèrie addressed the rumors. She shared a feature on her wedding to Jessey in September 2021.

During the interview, she stated that the two knew of each other while he was married but that they did not speak until six months after his divorce.

She stated she's "married to the love of my life," and her caption seems to address her co-stars and storyline:

“Don’t be friends with people who try to hurt your family, kids, and close friends.”

The reality star closed by directly responding to the rumors, insisting, “It’s ok to marry, fall in love, have kids, divorce, marry again; we should always celebrate love and be there for one another.”

Bling Empire Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.


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