Blade Runner 2099 Series Production Impacted by the WGA Strike

Blade Runner 2049
Credit: Warner Bros.

Blade Runner 2049
Credit: Warner Bros.

Last year, it was reported that Amazon is working on a Blade Runner TV series titled Blade Runner 2099 with Ridley Scott involved as one of the executive producers and potentially directing a couple of episodes.

However, since then, we haven't heard any significant updates about the project aside from the hiring of other directors/producers and casting rumors that were never confirmed.

Now, it looks like the series is experiencing a production setback as part of the impact of the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike.

Blade Runner 2099 Delays Its Production

Blade Runner
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Credit: Warner Bros.

As reported by Screen Daily, the filming of Amazon's Blade Runner 2099 series has been delayed due to the impact of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. It was supposed to start production in Nothern Island this year.

"Northern Ireland Screen is extremely disappointed that Blade Runner 2099 is not going ahead at this time due to the ongoing writers’ strike. The project has been prepping on the ground in Belfast for many months now," the Northern Island Screen said in a statement.

"The WGA strike has been halting production all over the world and we hope a fair deal is reached soon so crew can get back to work."

They added, "This obviously leaves a gap in Northern Ireland’s production schedule and Northern Ireland Screen will do everything it can to plug that gap as quickly as possible, mindful that many freelance crew and supply chain companies were relying on this project for work in the months ahead."

BBC claimed in their report that production might push back until spring 2024 as a result of this delay.

So far, Amazon has not confirmed its plans yet on how the series will resume production once the strike ends.

What is Blade Runner 2099 About?

Blade Runner 2049
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Credit: Warner Bros.

During the announcement of the series, Blade Runner 2099 is described as a "continuation of the Blade Runner franchise" and it will be set 50 years after the events of the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049.

Shining Girls creator Silka Luisa is writing the script and serves as the showrunner of the series. Jeremy Podeswa is directing the pilot episode and will also serve as an executive producer alongside Scott and Luisa.

There is no official news yet regarding the casting, but there are rumors that Killing Eve star Jodie Comer was in talks to star in the series although it was never confirmed.

It is certainly disappointing to hear that the series will be delaying its production, but the WGA strike is an issue that is more important to address at the moment.

We should be hearing more updates about the project once the strike ends and the work resumes.

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Amazon has not set a release window yet for Blade Runner 2099. You can check more details about it here.

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