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Dune: Part Two Director Shares Daring Prediction on the Main Stars

Timothee Chalamet in Dune: Part Two
Credit: Warner Bros.

Later this year, Dune: Part Two finally arrives in theaters after two years of anticipation since the first film's release. Once again, the cast is populated with familiar names such as Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya and they are also joined by other young stars such as Florence Pugh and Austin Butler.

There is no doubt that the aforementioned names are some of the biggest rising stars right now in Hollywood as proven by their talent, recognition, and the various accolades that they nabbed.

The Stars of Dune: Part Two Will Be the 'New Power in Hollywood'

Dune cast
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Credit: Warner Bros.

In an interview with Time Magazine which featured Pugh as one of the "Next Generation Leaders" this year, Dune: Part Two director Denis Villeneuve discussed the casting of the upcoming film where he declared Chalamet, Zendaya, Pugh, and Butler as "the new power in Hollywood."

"I needed people who have the necessary charisma," he said.

"I think Florence, Zendaya, Timothee, and Austin, they will be the new power in Hollywood. These strong, charismatic figures will drag people back to the theater."

The four actors will have significant major roles in the upcoming film with Chalamet as the main lead. Zendaya's Chani will also have an expanded role while Pugh and Butler's new characters are expected to be pivotal parts of the story.

However, while Villeneuve declared that they are the "new power," a recent National Research Group survey said otherwise as it revealed that older actors such as Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson are still the movie stars that will attract general moviegoers to theaters.

Are They Really the Next Big Movie Stars?

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Credit: Warner Bros.

There have been a lot of conversations lately about the value of movie stars in today's time. As the Time Magazine article pointed out, franchises have become the biggest selling point to the audience instead of the movie stars that are starring in them.

Even if Dune: Part Two ends up becoming a huge success again, the four young actors won't likely be cited as the reason why the box office numbers succeeded. A real test for them is in other projects that they carry themselves.

Chalamet, who is already an Oscar nominee, has Wonka on his plate later this year. Meanwhile, Zendaya currently stars in the hit HBO series Euphoria, which has a third season on its way and also has a major role in the Spider-Man films.

As for Pugh, she is currently an MCU star while also doing numerous independent films at the same time. Butler, who recently received an Oscar nomination for Elvis, is projected to be the next biggest male star which will be determined by his upcoming films and TV shows.

Only time will tell whether the four stars will indeed become the "new power" in Hollywood. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Villeneuve assembled a group of talented young stars and is likely to be the next batch of actors that we will praise in the next decades.

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Dune: Part Two is slated to release in theaters this November 3. You can check more details about it here.

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