BLACKPINK Lisa Solo Debut 2021: Thai Rapper Looks Fierce In The New Track Poster For 'LALISA' Album



Following her co-singers Jennie and Rosé, BLACKPINK's Lisa is next to launch her solo album titled "LALISA." The 24-year-old K-pop singer has unveiled the official track poster where she is featured looking fierce, with a touch of vintage themes in the image.

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Launching it on her official social media accounts last Sunday, the new track poster features a close-up headshot of Lisa appearing to be wearing a black gear, with a beam of light piercing through the album title.

Details about the songs in the album are also in the track poster.

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New songs in ‘LALISA' plus instrumental versions

According to the track poster, the album will feature two new songs, the title track "Lalisa" and "Money." It also indicated that instrumental versions of these two new songs will be part of the official release.

It also showed that the song "Lalisa" has lyrics written by Teddy and Bekuh Boom. The song was also composed by the two, along with 24. 24 also has arranged the track.

On the other hand, Bekuh Boom and Vince created the lyrics for "Money." These two are also the composers, alongside R.Tee. R Tee and 24 have arranged this track.

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Visual teasers unveiled for BLACKPINK Lisa's historic solo debut

Aside from making history with this new track poster, BLACKPINK likewise has unveiled numerous visual teasers for "LALISA."

On their official YouTube page, the first teaser featured Lisa on a dark background with effects of lightning right as the video transitioned to the name of the album.

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The second "LALISA" teaser was captured in a portrait layout, featuring clips with the BLACKPINK singer in a dark, long hairstyle with bangs.

The third visual teaser had her on a lighter-colored background, with effects of water and chain props in the video.

On Saturday, BLACKPINK also teased the fans by posting a lyric poster featuring one of the phrases in the song, "Catch me if you can."

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BLACKPINK Lisa's solo album is slated to be released this September 10th at 12 a.m. Eastern Eastern Standard Time.

The songstress will also be performing her new song "Lalisa" on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on its release date.

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