BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Favorite Choreography Among Their Songs: Is It 'BOOMBAYAH' Or 'Whistle'?

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BLACKPINK Lisa shared her most favorite choreography among her group's songs.

Among the members of BLACKPINK, Lisa offers sharper and cleaner movements in all the group's choreographies. She already showed her skills in all the group's dance titles in the past years.

Although YG Entertainment hires a choreographer to make the dance moves for the girls' songs, Lisa usually lends her talent and contributes her knowledge to the expert.


BLACKPINK already has over 50 songs since its debut, and the Thai rapper recently chose the best dance song their group ever offered.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Chooses Favorite Choreography

BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Favorite Choreography Among Their Songs: Is It BOOMBAYAH Or Whistle?
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On Monday, Lisa appeared in an interview with Complex for the outlet's GOAT Talk. The K-pop idol sat down to talk about her Greatest of All Time within five minutes.


Among the questions included her favorite BLACKPINK dance ever. Lisa chose their 2018 hit song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, which topped the Billboard K-pop Hot 100 and World Digital Songs charts since its dance is easy to follow.

The interviewer then asked her for some behind-the-scenes stories about Ddu-Du Ddu-Du choreography, and Lisa disclosed that the current choreography is different from the initial one.


"I think at first it wasn't this choreography, it was something else. But at the music video shoot, Teddy said 'Oh do you want to change to this?' so we were like 'Okay! I really liked that' so we changed to the gun choreography."

Her statement resonated with what the members said during their 5th debut anniversary celebration on V Live. At that time, Jennie said that the gun-shooting move in the Ddu-Du Ddu-Du choreography was not included initially.

Although they changed it in the end, Jisoo said they made the original move at first to avoid getting into trouble for changing their choreography without asking their bosses.

BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Other Favorites

BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Favorite Choreography Among Their Songs: Is It BOOMBAYAH Or Whistle?
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Apart from her favorite choreography, Lisa shared her other Greatest Of All Time Favorite, like her favorite emoji, thing, and color.


She said that the Rock On emoji before saying that her most important travel essential is her phone due to communication and language problems. By using her phone, she finds it easy and safe to communicate with other people.

The K-pop idol named Baby Yellow as her favorite color and said she likes anything yellow.

K-pop fans indeed have a lot more to learn about BLACKPINK Lisa, and her future interviews will surely help them get to know more about her.

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