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BLACKPINK Jennie Drops New Vlog, Teases New Hera Stint

Credit: Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube Screenshot

The members of BLACKPINK are known ambassadors, as well, of various global brands. These mostly include beauty and fashion labels, like HERA, which chose Jennie as its muse in 2019.

The Seoul-based beauty brand stated that the SOLO singer is the “right model” for the company. It pointed out, though, that the charming appearance of Jennie is not the only reason.

As explained, the idol’s “passion and confidence to be herself” fit the brand’s philosophy.

On Tuesday, the K-pop star released a new vlog on her channel, featuring her recent stint for the brand. It appears to be for HERA’s new campaign materials as it centered on the celebrity’s photoshoot.

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Jennie Teases Hera On New Vlog

The video, which carries the title, HERA photoshoot vlog, is nearly five minutes long. Through it, Jennie gives her fans and followers a first look at the brands’ latest materials.

She takes the viewers to the behind-the-scenes activities of the project, showing her make-up and style, along with some of the results of the shoot.

Based on the latest video on her YouTube channel, the shoot ran for two days. She, alongside the production, wrapped it all up on the second day.

The BLACKPINK member also mentioned that she had been working hard for it since the start of January.

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The BLACKPINK Member's YouTube Channel

Jennie launched her own YouTube channel, Jennierubyjane Official, in January 2021. This is in celebration of her 25th birthday a day earlier, according to Hypebae.

To date, there are only seven videos available on the channel. These include the photoshoot she did with HERA.

Prior to that, the BLACKPINK member posted two videos in December. These are the bakery tour and homemade mandu, which she did with Jisoo.

She seemingly took a hiatus from uploading videos in between May and December.

Jennie and Lisa are the only members of BLACKPINK who have their own YouTube channels. As of the time of writing, the group’s vocalist has over 7.73 million subscribers.

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