Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Reveals Why She Loves When Fans Don't Recognize Her

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Florence Pugh has had a stellar year in 2019, starring in Midsommar, Little Women, and Fighting with my Family, all of which are highly-praised movies. This year, the actress will be taking on the role of Yelena Belova in the upcoming film Black Widow. However, despite being in these successful projects, it seems like Pugh likes it when fans don't recognize her in them.

The New York Times recently released a profile of the actor where she talks about her anonymity in movies being a compliment for her. "I've had conversations about films with people who had no idea that I was in them," Pugh revealed. "I love that. To me, that's acting. It's like, O.K. It worked."

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

It is understandable for some people who weren't able to recognize Pugh in the aforementioned movies. After all, her roles are quite different from each other, especially in terms of the character's appearance. In Fighting with my Family, Pugh's hair was dyed in a darker shade and she even had a lip ring on. And while she had blond hair in her other two movies, both her characters are still quite distinct from each other. In Midsommar, she starred as a college student who is in grief, whilst in Little Women, she is an artist in a movie set in a different time period. And now, Pugh will star in Black Widow which is also quite different from her previous roles.


The actress continuously proves that she is capable of doing such drastically different roles and fans can't wait to see her in action in the upcoming Marvel movie.

Black Widow is scheduled for release on May 1, 2020.

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