Black Widow Proves Triumphant Return of MCU Bringing in $5 Million on First Day of International Release

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The first-ever film to be released by Marvel after almost two years since the pandemic hit is here with Black Widow and it seems that fans from across the globe who have waited for so long are eager to get their first dose of an MCU film as it proves a triumphant return bringing in $5 million on the very first day of its international release.

The comeback is real for the MCU as it sets a benchmark for the international release of a film during the pandemic bringing into the box office $5 million on the first day of showing in theaters overseas. The much-anticipated solo film of the belle of the Avengers started releasing on Wednesday in 11 countries which included the UK, Italy, and France, and having $4.9 million on the day of the release in a report from Deadline.

The total did not include that of Korea just yet as it got $1.8 million there on its first day in theaters. With this trend, it is also predicted that the film will have more or less $50 million when it releases globally.

Considering that there are still restrictions in theaters having a limited capacity, the film is already on the top spot as the most-watched film in theaters in the pandemic era and with just that, it could easily set off the industry back on its feet. What a triumphant return of the MCU, indeed.

Black Widow premieres in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access on July 9, 2021.

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