Black Widow Leak Claims that Red Guardian is the Worst Element of the Movie

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Marvel fans might be all excited to see what Stranger Things actor David Harbour might look like now that he's playing the Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow standalone movie, however, new leaks suggest that the Russian comic book hero might not be all that he seems to be.

According to a new leak on 4chan (via Cosmic Book News), Marvel held early screenings of Black Widow, and fans who got to see the film managed to take their thoughts to the social media platform. One of these fans who got to see Black Widow early decided to post on Twitter about the film, and while the movie is pretty great, the viewer believes that Red Guardian is the worst element of the comic book movie. Apparently, Red Guardian does very little for the movie and the fan describes him as the "super cheesy forced quip guy."

This is disappointing to hear. Fans are all hyped up to see Red Guardian on the big screen. Sure, fans don't know that much about the role that the Russian superhero is going to play in Black Widow, however, in the trailers for Black Widow we get to see Alexie Shostakov as a larger-than-life figure who seems to serve as the movie's comic relief. Red Guardian's jokes in the first trailer for Black Widow were received pretty well by fans, so we can't be sure whether or not the fan simply had a different perspective on the superhero. Besides, we can't really believe everything we hear or see online. Let's wait so that we can see Black Widow for ourselves.

Black Widow premieres May 1, 2020.

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