Black Widow is Heading to the UK Earlier Than Expected

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Black Widow was supposed to come out this month but as you all know, that didn't happen due to COVID-19. Now, the movie is scheduled for a November release date, which is when things will hopefully calm down or everyone will decide to YOLO it up. Interestingly enough, it looks like the movie is coming out a bit earlier for folks in the UK as it was announced that the latest MCU installment will get an October release date there.

According to Digital Spy, Disney and Marvel Studios have confirmed that Black Widow will be hitting the UK a bit earlier than in the US. This is a bit surprising but not unprecedented since Asian countries have been getting Marvel movies earlier than the US for years now. While this could be the start of a new tradition, fans should relax about it and maybe avoid going to Reddit when the movie comes out.

It's a shame that we have to wait this long to watch Black Widow but it's not like anyone saw this virus coming (except the Chinese government). Still, let's just hope that the movie is a good one and pray that things get better by the time it comes out. We probably won't have a vaccine by that time but maybe it will become less serious in a few months.

Originally slated for this month, Black Widow is coming to US theaters on November 6 and the UK on October 28.

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