Black Widow Delay Delights National Association Of Theater Owners

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There is little doubt that people are currently disappointed that Black Widow is being pushed back to 2021. However, there are some who are quite happy with the news. The National Association Of Theater Owners (NATO) has just confirmed they are delighted that Disney and Marvel Studios are still pushing for a theatrical release next year.

Patrick Corcoran, the Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of NATO, spoke to SlashFilm about the future of cinema and revealed he is happy with Disney's decision to delay Black Widow and Eternals instead of making it available on their streaming service.


"We need big movies…We'd hoped that Disney would hold on, but studios have to make their decisions based on their marketing spend and their marketing plan. If they aren't certain that theaters will be open, they're going to delay. We're gratified that they're moving and not going to Disney+," Corcoran said before adding cinemas will have to wait a little longer before the big movies come in.

Credit: Disney

"[Until] we get some of that certainty, we may be seeing theaters close back down again because it's really tough if you don't have new movies coming in, to keep the lights on. To keep paying people. You lose money being closed, but you may end up losing more money if you can't get audiences in and you're open," Corcoran said.

There is little doubt that both Disney and NATO are cautious about the risks involved when it comes to big films so it's understandable why the delay is necessary. In the meantime, we're hoping that the pushback will be worth the wait, and Black Widow will get the box office success it deserves.


Black Widow is scheduled for release on May 7, 2021.

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