Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Star Spearheads Kate Winslet's MCU Casting Campaign

Avatar 2
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Avatar 2
Credit: 20th Century Studios

It goes without saying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has no shortage of A-list actors and as the beloved comic book franchise continues to expand, it's almost certain that more award-winning stars will be joining the billion-dollar property in the near future. Now, it appears that one member of the MCU roster who just made their debut last year wants to see Avatar: The Way of Water star Kate Winslet come on board.

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Credit: 20th Century Studios

Marvel newcomer Mabel Cadena, who played Namora in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever shared her hopes for the Titanic actress to be cast in an MCU role and she has a specific reason for wanting to see it happen. Speaking with ComicBook, Cadena expressed her interest in squaring off against the likes of Danai Gurira and Natalie Portman in a future project and why she wants Winslet to make the MCU jump.

She said: "I really want to fight [Danai] but I don't know. Natalie Portman, maybe, but I don't know what's the future. Well, maybe the MCU needs to give the opportunity to Kate Winslet because maybe we can break the record underwater together next time."

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Of course, Winslet would be a fine addition to the growing MCU roster and given how she starred in Avatar: The Way of Water which is basically a Disney property, the chances of her crossing over to the Marvel realm just became incredibly high. While it can be argued that she only accepted her Avatar 2 role because of director James Cameron, I'm sure an involvement in the MCU would be too tempting for her to pass up. I guess it's only a matter of time before we see that happen.

Avatar: The Way of Water is still screening in select cinemas worldwide.

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