Avatar: The Way of Water Overtakes Titanic’s Blockbuster Record

James Cameron sets history for dominating the charts with his blockbuster films, with the first Avatar film still in the lead with $2.92 billion, Titanic coming in at 3rd place with $2.19 billion, and Avatar: The Way of Water continuously climbing through with $2.17 billion on its eighth week in theaters. However, it seems likelier now that apart from the Avatar sequel nabbing rare theatrical extension runs, it’s also about to snatch the reign from Titanic’s blockbuster record.

According to Variety, Avatar: The Way of Water has just become the third-highest-grossing movie in history at the international box office reaching $1.538 billion, taking over Cameron’s other major blockbuster Titanic. Box office analysts predict that the Avatar sequel will likely surpass the 1997 classic film by February 14, which would officially place The Way of Water as the third highest-grossing film in history.

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This is nothing to sneeze at, after all, Avatar: The Way of Water not only secured its theatrical release in China, but also gained over two months of being shown in their cinemas. Over the course of its eight weeks, Avatar 2 continues to reach new heights, but most especially, its running of eight weeks in theaters.

Avatar 2 is right on 2009’s Avatar’s tail and once Avatar: The Way of Water crosses Titanic on the highest grossing films of all time, that would make it Cameron’s third blockbuster on the Top Four, apart from Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.

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Avatar: The Way of Water has notably surpassed bigger titles such as Top Gun: Maverick, Marvel’s The Avengers, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Avengers: Infinity War, and even Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Should the Avatar sequel continue its theatrical run, there is no doubt that it is bound to surpass Cameron’s Titanic soon. Let's not forget that Avatar 2 also received the Best Picture nod at the Oscar nomination.

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