Black Panther Finally Gets Its Release Date On Disney+

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Disney might have gathered most of its content in Disney+, but it looks like the Mickey Mouse House has yet to complete gathering all of its Marvel and Star Wars content into the brand new streaming site.

One of the movies that has yet to appear in Disney+ is Black Panther, one of the most groundbreaking entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily, it seems like Marvel's finally given the comic book movie its very own release date on Disney+.

Posting on Twitter, the Mickey Mouse House's Disney+ account decided to remind fans that today is the anniversary of Black Panther's release. According to the social media account, the film is finally going to make its way to Disney+ on March 4.


This is great news for Marvel fans. Black Panther meant a lot to Marvel. The film broke ground in the comic book movie genre as the very first superhero film to feature mostly black characters. It was a film that pushed for representation.

The film stirred some trouble at the Oscars, pushing the Academy to try and make the Popular Film award to accommodate movies that it doesn't normally nominate for Best Picture Awards, like comic book movies and pop culture films like Star Wars. While the Academy decided against creating a Popular Film award, Black Panther failed to win Best Picture for Marvel.

Aside from Black Panther, Marvel fans also have a couple of series to expect on Disney+. There's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which is set to release on August 2020 and WandaVision which is set for release on December 2020.

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