Black Mirror Star on Returning in Season 6 After First Appearance 7 Years Ago

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

There is little doubt that the last episode of Black Mirror Season 6 was very different from its predecessors but it still had a connection to a previous episode of the anthology series. Demon 79 lead star Anjana Vasan previously appeared in an episode from the third season and she is opening up about returning to the Charlie Brooker show.

Demon 79 Star Opens Up About Returning To Black Mirror

In Demon 79, Anjana Vasan plays Nida, a woman who discovers an ancient talisman and unleashes a demon who convinces her to kill three people in an effort to prevent the apocalypse.

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Credit: Netflix

Vasan turns in an amazing performance but it's hardly her first time being in a Black Mirror episode. She had previously appeared in a minor role in Nosedive, the first episode of the third season.

So what is it like returning to Black Mirror after seven years? Vasan told GamesRadar she never expected to be asked to come back to the show.

"I played 'Space Cop' in Nosedive and... I made it, I made a Black Mirror episode, and I thought that was a real highlight for me so I was so completely surprised when I got to come back," Vasan said.

"It was just a tape that they sent through to my agent, and asked me if I was up for it," she added.

"I think there's a few actors who have done more than one episode of Black Mirror, but I forgot about that fact so I almost didn't put myself forward for it," Vasan continued.

"I thought, 'They're never going to give me this part, that would be crazy.' But I'm glad I did, yeah, it's just been an even better, even more exciting experience getting to do this episode because I just fell in love with the script," she concluded.

Demon 79 is one of the few Black Mirror episodes set in the past. It is also the first episode under the Red Mirror label, which will feature stories that are not necessarily technology-based.

All five episodes of Black Mirror Season 6 are now streaming on Netflix.

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