Black Mask Threatens Harley Quinn in New Birds of Prey Image

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It looks like Black Mask is going to make life hard for Harley Quinn and her friends in Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). He is the main villain after all and despite being a regular mafioso, the character has made things hard for Batman so he should make things a bit difficult for Harley's crew. We now have a new image of Black Mask, played by Ewan McGregor, threatening Harley and it definitely makes things interesting.

McGregor's Black Mask still isn't wearing a, well, black mask but he does have a more appropriate black suit, which is something. Victor Zsasz is also in the image so it looks like he's going to play a big role in the movie, though most of us are just expecting him to get beaten up badly.


While not the best image they could have shown off, this does make Black Mask look more like a threat since Harley is a capable combatant. The fact that he managed to capture Harley, whether it was due to overwhelming her or attacking her from behind we don't know, does make him more interesting and should make us hate the character more.

Rumors say that we'll actually see Ewan don the character's black mask and there's a good chance that Harley causes that by ruining his beautiful face, or something along those lines. Expect it to be brutal and worthy of the R rating it has.

Birds of Prey is coming out on February 7.

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