Black Clover Manga Leaves Shonen Jump, Moves to Jump GIGA

Black Clover Shonen Jump Asta

Black Clover Shonen Jump Asta

There has been a major shakeup in Weekly Shonen Jump. After previous leaks, it's now confirmed that the Black Clover manga has moved from Shonen Jump to Jump GIGA.

This is big news for Shonen Jump and Black Clover readers, especially as it leaves a large gap in the magazine’s lineup.

Though some expected this given that the manga is now in its final arc.

Black Clover Manga Moves From Shonen Jump to Another Shueisha Magazine

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Black Clover is currently one of the longest-running ongoing series in Shonen Jump as only One Piece and My Hero Academia are older (not including Hunter x Hunter).

Soon though, Black Clover is about to end, and while there’s no word yet on when exactly the series will reach its conclusion, fans in Japan will need to buy another magazine to get new chapters.

Previously, several manga leakers and insiders reported that Black Clover will leave Shonen Jump after the magazine’s 38th issue of 2023. It will then be serialized in Shueisha's Jump GIGA.

Jump GIGA is a sister magazine of Weekly Shonen Jump, and it’s a bit of an unusual publication.

This magazine typically features one-shots and short serialized works that are often related to ongoing Jump titles.

Moving between different Shueisha magazines isn’t anything new though. For instance, Chainsaw Man moved to Jump+ from Shonen Jump when Part 2 began.

There’s also D.Gray-Man which was originally a Shonen Jump title but was then moved to different Shueisha magazines until it landed in Jump SQ.Rise where it continues to be serialized.

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Black Clover Is Getting a Quarterly Release Schedule

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Typically, manga magazines are released either weekly or monthly. Jump GIGA is different though as its release schedule has varied in previous years.

The magazine started as a quarterly release, with one issue being released every season.

There were some years when six issues were released in a year, but for the most part, there are only four GIGA issues every year.

Given this, it’s all but confirmed that Black Clover now has a quarterly release schedule.

While the wait for new chapters will be much longer, this might be a better option than another lengthy hiatus.

Though this new magazine shouldn’t affect the manga’s international release as new chapters are still expected to come out in English via Manga Plus.

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