Black Adam Actor Dwayne Johnson Says Hawkgirl Was Originally Part of the Movie's JSA

During the big DC Fandome event, fans were excited to see who would be part of the JSA roster that would be appearing in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam. When they did reveal the full roster, there was a mix of happiness and disappointment. Fans are happy to see obscure DC favorite Hawkman in the mix, along with the previously confirmed Atom Smasher, Cyclone, and Doctor Fate. However, many fans wondered where Hawkgirl was since she is almost always synonymous with Hawkman these days.

On Twitter, Johnson actually acknowledged a fan's disappointment and said that Hawkgirl was supposed to be in the JSA roster for the film. However, he says "it's a complicated story" that he will share one of these days so all we can do is speculate. Sad to say, we won't be seeing the Justice League/JSA favorite on the roster, though at least Cyclone will be there to make sure it's not a complete sausage fest.

Even though people constantly made fun of Hawkgirl when the Justice League cartoon was out, fans did eventually warm up to the character as they realized she was a fun heroine to have around. Since then, most writers have linked her to Hawkman and constantly make their story about them loving each other and dying, which is both tragic and repetitive.

Will we ever see Hawkgirl in a live-action movie? We're sure it will happen sooner or later since fans still have that excellent Justice League cartoon on their minds. In the meantime, let's just hope that Black Adam is a good movie.

The Hawkgirl-less Black Adam will be coming out in December 2021.

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