Black Adam Movie Confirms Justice Society of America Lineup Joining Dwayne Johnson

DC FanDome had a lot of amazing surprises for fans who have been waiting for updates on the upcoming DC Extended Universe films. Luckily, people who were hoping for some great news about Black Adam were in for a treat as Dwayne Johnson confirmed the Justice Society of America lineup that will appear in the movie.

Johnson took part in the Black Adam panel at DC FanDome where he unleashed a brief teaser for the DCEU flick. He would later be joined by Noah Centineo, who has finally been confirmed to play Atom Smasher. In addition to discussing their preparations for their superhero roles, Johnson also revealed which DC comic book characters will join Centineo in the movie.

According to Johnson, Atom Smasher will be joined by Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Cyclone. It is possible that the roles have not yet been cast but a previous report indicated that Warner Bros. is currently hoping to cast an Alexandra Shipp-type actor to take on the role of Cyclone.

The details about Black Adam were not yet revealed but there is a huge possibility that the Justice Society of America will be taking on Johnson's character in the film. Will they manage to turn the DC villain into an anti-hero who could help the world? We'll find out for sure next year.

Black Adam is expected to begin production later this year or in early 2021. The film is scheduled for release on December 22, 2021.

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