Black Adam: Toy Listing Leak Reveals Sabbac as the Film's Villain

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After years of development, Black Adam will finally make its debut later this year with Dwayne Johnson on the titular role. As teased in the first look footage during the recent DC FanDome event, it really looks like the hierarchy of power in the DCEU is about to change as it showed how dangerous the character can be. While we know that Black Adam and the Justice Society of America are part of the film, there's still no information about who the villain is. Now, a recent leak may have suggested who it might be.

Per CBR, a toy listing from McFarlane Toys has started to leak around the web in which it revealed that DC villain Sabbac is going to make an appearance in the film as it indicates him as part of the line and his figure will be larger than the rest of the characters. You can view the Reddit post here:

In case you're not familiar with the character, as described by CBR's report, there have been two iterations of Sabbac in the comics. The first version was originally introduced in 1943 with Captain Marvel, Jr. #4. The character, also known as Timothy Karnes, had powers similar to the Shazam family, only the magical word triggering his transformation into a demonic entity was "Sabbac." As a demon, he possessed super-strength, super-speed, the ability to fly, breathe fire, and blast fire from his hands. Instead of being gifted these powers from ancient gods, Sabbac drew power from the forces of Hell.


While on the second version, created in the comics by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, instead of being powered by demons, this iteration of Sabbac is channeled the power of the Seven Deadly Sins of Man. He appeared as a 50-foot demon under the command of Black Adam, who sought to destroy the world in order to remake it.

While the leak didn't show any more information about the character, it does indicate that he will be in the film presumably as the villain given his nature. It is unknown which iteration the character will be based on in this upcoming film. We could take this leak with a grain of salt, but there has been a lot of instances before where the characters of an upcoming comic book movie get leaked in toy listings. We will find out soon enough if Sabbac is indeed the villain of the film.

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Black Adam is set to be released in theaters on July 29, 2022.