Black Adam Star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and His Family Test Positive for COVID-19

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If you weren't convinced to wear a mask when The Batman'sRobert Pattinson got COVID-19 maybe the words of Black Adam star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will change your mind. It was bad enough that Pattinson got COVID-19 himself but Johnson had it much worse since he and his entire family got it. That's obviously something to worry about and Johnson decided to get on Instagram to implore everyone to wear a mask for everyone's safety.

Johnson told fans to boost their immune system and commit to wellness by wearing a mask when they have to head outside. Thankfully, the worst is over when it comes to his family since they are recovering and doing well but when you consider how The Rock is one of Hollywood's most successful actors, you should know that not everyone will have the same chance to live like him and his family.

Since Black Adam is scheduled for a fairly late 2021 release, we're confident that Johnson will recover in time for the movie's production to start. That being said, this is still scary news and Johnson himself is aware of that so please, if you're getting groceries, going for a jog, or even watching a damn movie, wear a freaking mask. It literally won't kill you and will actually prevent death better than not wearing one.

As of this writing, Black Adam is still scheduled for a December 2021 release. We hope Dwayne Johnson and his family recover in high spirits. Wear a damn mask.

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