Birds of Prey TV Spot Reveals Comic-Accurate Costume for Huntress

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Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is shaping up to be an interesting comic book movie, with many under the impression that it will either sink or swim. The trailers have left fans with mixed feelings, so we'll have to wait for the final product before we can actually give our opinions on this movie's quality.

It seems like comic book fans are finally happy about one thing though; The Huntress' comic-accurate costume. Most of us assumed that we would see her in the realistic clothes that the trailers have shown us but that doesn't appear to be the case. It's kind of sad that they didn't advertise it in advance but hey, they have to sell toys (from an R-Rated movie?).

CLIP: Birds of Prey new spot (look Huntress suit)

Either way, the costume is pretty faithful and hardcore Birds of Prey fans are going to get a kick out of it. There were plenty of complaints about the movie's lack of comic-accurate costumes, which got a lot of people thinking that the film might not be good. Then again, the movie has already strayed away from the source material by having Harley Quinn in the group so fans should have known better.

However you feel about the trailers, there's no doubt that DC's Birds of Prey movie is going to get a lot of people's attention. For the sake of quality and wanting people to succeed, let's all hope that the movie is good.

Birds of Prey comes out on February 7.

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