17 Jul 2018 7:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Birds of Prey Cuts Penguin from the Story; Could be Saved for The Batman

It was revealed yesterday that Birds of Prey was looking for a Batman villain to be the main antagonist. As it turns out, that villain was originally the Penguin, but he was cut for what looks to be the solo Batman movie.

The news comes from The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez:

Knowing that DC has a pretty interesting rogues gallery, there isn't a shortage of villains for the Birds to go against in the movie. Maybe the film is considering a woman to be the main adversary? I'd love to see Poison Ivy make her debut in the DCEU. Then again, I also pitched obscure Batman villain The Ventriloquist yesterday.


As for Penguin, I think he would be a good adversary for Batman's first DCEU film. I know Josh Gad had been campaigning for the part, but I would actually like someone a bit older to take on the role. I think Ian McShane would actually be a pretty creepy Oswald Cobblepot. We know he has he acting chops, and maybe Matt Reeves can make him more intimidating than he last live-action version of the character.

Hopefully SDCC brings us updates not just on Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984, and Aquaman, but also on films like Birds of Prey, Green Lantern Corps, Man of Steel 2, and The Batman as well.

No release date has been set for Birds of Prey or The Batman.

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