Bill Murray's Ant-Man 3 Role Supposed to Get Played by Another Comedian

The first film in Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, opens up new additions to the MCU. It introduces the audience to Marvel's ominous new arch-villain Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors), demonstrates the vastness of the Quantum Realm and its colorful inhabitants, and brings M.O.D.O.K. to the spotlight for the first time. Other than that, Ant-Man 3 introduced comedian-actor Bill Murray as Lord Krylar to the franchise.

Murray’s Marvel stint has gathered a few eyebrows given the actor’s controversies, but upon the release of the threequel, some MCU fans have found a way to find the veteran actor’s portrayal quite entertaining. But speaking with Variety, Ant-Man 3 scribe Jeff Loveness revealed that the role of Krylar could have been played by a very different comedy icon, Matt Berry. He said he had the What We Do in the Shadows star in mind when creating the role before Murray joined the cast.

“There were a couple of names tossed about. I don’t know if I can even say. I think in the back of my head, I had Matt Berry in mind. I just love that guy so much. But once Bill Murray came around, you kind of molded the voice to him. It’s almost like a Bob Hope cameo in an old movie: Just give him four minutes on the runway, let him do his thing, boost the elevation a little bit, and let him get out. Matt Berry was a choice, and I’m just a big Steve Martin fan, but I don’t think that ever got too far. I think Murray pulled it off pretty great.” Loveness explained.

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Krylar was created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist Herb Trimpe and first appeared in a Marvel comic The Incredible Hulk #156 in July 1972, which was also his final appearance. The issue introduced him as a green-skinned, humanoid citizen of K'ai, a planet that exists in a microscopic world known as the Micro-Verse, and a resident of Pitll Pawob, the planet's oldest civilization.

Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Lord Krylar were more than friends in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Krylar, in addition to being Janet's former lover, used to fight alongside her as a resistance fighter against Kang the Conqueror. At the end of the film, Murray's future in the MCU remains His fate is still unknown, but if his brief appearances in the MCU are to be his last, at least he was one of the most obscure comic book characters to see on screen.

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