Bill & Ted Face the Music Gets Its First Excellent Trailer

It looks like the wait is over dudes! The first trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music has hit the internet and fans are already going crazy for it. This is a movie that fans have waited literal years for and the fact that we're finally getting it this summer feels surreal. Judging from the trailer, this definitely looks like a Bill & Ted movie, even if the breathtaking Keanu Reeves can't quite nail his rocker accent anymore.

From what can be seen in this minute and 30 seconds of footage, it's clear that this is a Bill & Ted movie. The two aging rockers seem to be going through a midlife crisis as they seem to have become has-beens, only playing for about 40 people who only went for $2 tacos, as the trailer so nicely puts out. Considering how these two were supposed to unite the world with music, that's obviously a bad thing.

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Credit: Orion Pictures

Rather than go through the hassle of writing their own top song, the two decide to just steal this song from their future selves, which is very, erm, Bill & Ted of them, to be honest. We're interested to see their daughters and if they actually did write a song that unites the world and if it's a pretty rocking ballad in its own right. At the least, we want it to be good enough to make it on our Spotify downloads.

As of this writing, no official release date for Bill & Ted Face the Music has been released, though it is slated for this summer. Just stay safe till then and be excellent to each other my dudes.

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