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Big Sky Season 3 Update: Meet The Five New Faces Joining The New Season

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Credit: TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

Fans will see new and returning faces in Big Sky Season 3. A couple of characters have been promoted to series regulars, while five new stars will join the new season. Who will they be?

J. Anthony Pena and Jensen Ackles have officially become series regulars, while Luke Mitchell, Seth Gable, Henry Ian Cusick, Anirudh Pishadory and Madalyn Horcher join Big Sky Season 3 in recurring roles.

Big Sky Season 3’s New and Returning Cast

Fans will see more Deputy Mo Poppernak after Pena becomes a series regular. He was seen in 16 episodes of the previous season, playing the role of Jenny Hoyt’s (Katheryn Winnick) chatty and bubbly partner at the Sheriff’s Department. He, too, is her indispensable right-hand man.

Deadline then listed the new faces joining Big Sky Season 3 and their roles.

Mitchell will play the role of Cormac, Sunny Barnes’ (Reba McEntire) son, who works on his mother’s camping trips and ensures her guests are all alright.

Gabel will be seen as Walter, an outsider living in a Montana wilderness cabin. His unpredictable nature will probably give the stray hikers a hard time.

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Next is Cusick as Avery, a successful tech entrepreneur who joins Barnes’ camping trip with his stepdaughter, Emily.

In addition, Pisharody will portray Luke, Paige’s boyfriend, who will be part of Sunny Day Excursions on his birthday.

Speaking of Paige, Horcher will play this role, a New Yorker who will join Sunny’s camping trip with her boyfriend.

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Lastly, viewers will see Ackles again in Big Sky Season 3 as a series regular after debuting in the second season finale as the new sheriff Beau Arlen.

Big Sky Season 3 Plotline

In Big Sky Season 3, private detective Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) will continue to maintain the peace and order in Helena, Montana, with Undersheriff Hoyt and the newly-appointed sheriff Arlen.

However, things are about to change when a local backcountry trip, led by the charismatic outfitter Sunny Barnes, aka Sunny Brick, goes awry. From here, the three police officers are about to face the most menacing mystery in their careers.

Will Jerrie Return in Big Sky Season 3?

Meanwhile, it’s yet to be revealed if Jesse James Keitel will return in Big Sky Season 3 to reprise her role as Jerrie, as the actress herself is uncertain of her comeback.

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In an interview with Digital Spy, the 29-year-old star revealed she’s more focused on her role in the Queer as Folk reboot.

"Scheduling is definitely a bit complicated. But we'll see. I love Jerrie, and I love Big Sky. There's definitely some story to tell there,” she explained. “But I'm excited to be in the Queer as Folk cinematic universe and to tell some stories that I'm really excited to tell."

Big Sky Season 3 will premiere on September 21 on ABC.

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