The Best Sites to Read Manhua Online

The Best Sites to Read Manhua Online
Credit: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu / Seven Seas

The Best Sites to Read Manhua Online
Credit: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu / Seven Seas

If you've exhausted most manga you wanted to read, manhua might be the next step! Below, we share details about the best sites to read manhua online.

While manga still remain the most popular go-to for fans of non-Western comics and graphic novels, Korean manhwa and Chinese manhua are also gaining momentum.

All types have plenty of great stories that are worth checking out!

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  1. Weibo

    If you happen to be a Chinese speaker or learner, Weibo's manhua page could be an option for you.

    Weibo is a big microblogging website in China, but it has attracted negative criticism for some of its practices.

    The manhua page might still help those who wish to try reading some original manhua.

    Users can easily navigate the site by clicking the title they wish to read.

    Several chapters per manhua are free to access but to read any series in full, one should create an account.

  2. Amazon's ComiXology

    Amazon's ComiXology is simply Amazon's dedicated page for comics, graphic novels, and manga.

    This website is more or less guaranteed to have the majority of manhua as long as they've been officially translated into English.

    To check, all you need to do is write the title you're craving in the search bar.

    While this isn't the case with every title, some manhua volumes will have a more affordable ebook edition, which you can download to your favorite device through the Kindle app, to read wherever you are.

    One of the downsides is that you need to pay for every single volume you get rather than read anything for a flat fee.

    To read as much as possible for a set fee, you need to be part of the ComiXology Unlimited or Kindle Unlimited ($5.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively).

    However, there's no guarantee that every manhua will be free as part of the scheme, so you'd have to check this case by case.

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  3. Book Walker

    Book Walker is a website primarily catering to readers of Japanese manga and light novels.

    However, finding a few Chinese manhua there isn't out of the question. For instance, the beloved Mo Dao Zu Shi is available there to read.

    Simply type the title you are interested in and try your luck!

    Book Walker is worth checking out regularly, as they often have great offers, leaving selected titles free to read, or as cheap as $0.75 per volume.

    To benefit from all of Book Walker's features, you might want to register and download the app.

    This way, you can always read from your device of choice.

  4. Bilibili Comics

    Bilibili comics is a great, affordable way to read manhua online. It contains a variety of titles and genres for all tastes. You can get started by sampling certain titles for free.

    Bilibili operates on a "ticket" or "coin" system, whereby you pay a small fee to purchase a number of credits. These credits can be spent on chapters of your favorite titles.

    For instance, the cheapest price of $0.99 grants you 100 coins according to the App Store in-app purchase information.

    While Bilibili is available on the App Store, it is currently not downloadable via Google Play. You can, however, access it from a browser.

  5. YesAsia

    YesAsia is another solid option for manhua readers. The website offers original and translated Hong Kong manhua, as well as some Japanese manga.

    Unlike some other websites discussed here, like Bilibili or ComiXology Unlimited, you pay YesAsia per chapter or volume.

    Therefore, you can't read an unlimited number of manhua for a token fee.

    However, given how hard it can be to find safe and legal options, YesAsia is considered to be a good website for manhua, with high customer satisfaction.

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