3 Best Anime on Crunchyroll to Watch

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Crunchyroll is one of the biggest streaming sites online that offers anime and manga. The site has a wide variety of shows to cater to different audiences. What makes Crunchyroll a good platform to watch anime is that it offers a 14-day free trial to those who are new to the site. 

After that, fans have the option to subscribe and pay $9.99 per month to watch their shows with no ads. The subscription also allows fans to have unlimited access to the manga and anime library, simulcast episodes, and view their desired shows offline. For those who are new to the site, here are the 3 best anime, in our opinion, that they should definitely watch on Crunchyroll. 

  1. Jujutsu Kaisen

    Jujutsu Kaisen became one of the most-watched anime after its release in October 2020. It gained fans not only in Japan but in different parts of the world too. It was also one of 2020's most popular anime on Crunchyroll

    The anime is perfect for those who are into adventure, dark fantasy, and supernatural genres. The world of Jujutsu Kaisen introduced fans to Jujutsu Sorcerers who can control their cursed energies. These sorcerers eliminate curses who are a threat to humanity. 

  2. My Hero Academia

    Crunchyroll included My Hero Academia as one of the must-watch anime for 2021. The series recently started its fifth season, and fans of the show just keep on increasing as the story progressed. 

    My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya who was born without a quirk. Despite that, he wanted to become the greatest hero, following his idol, All Might. His world changed when he met All Might one day and Japan’s Symbol of Peace decided to make Izuku the next bearer of his quirk called One for All. 

  3. Attack on Titan

    Another anime that took the world by storm is Attack on Titan. It was one of the best-selling manga series of all time after selling more than 100 million tankobon copies in 2019. It also won awards like Harvey Award, Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and Kodansha Manga Award. 

    What makes Attack on Titan interesting is that it was set over 100 years ago when humanity was on the brink of extinction because of Titans, which are humanoid giants. The last civilization of humans lives inside three walls to protect themselves. One day, two new types of Titans were able to breach the walls and kill tons of civilians. 

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